My Favorite Podcasts: Adam Wyatt

January 21, 2019 • Adam Wyatt

If you are like me, you are always on the go.  Most pastors are on the road a ton which gives them a great and valuable tool that many neglect: the time in a vehicle.  I believe that we can redeem this time as a way to learn and challenge ourselves by listening to great podcasts!  Here is a list of great and beneficial podcasts for pastors that you all need to be listening to on a regular basis!

1) Obviously, the Small Church Shepherds podcast is a favorite!
2) The Briefing by Al Mohler. The Briefing is “daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.”  This description is exactly what this podcast is.  Mohler, in aaround 25 minutes gives several current issues from the realms or church, politics, and culture and gives his take on how a Christian should look at them.  Mohler’s take is spot on and thought provoking and can help you have challenging conversations with your people.
3) Revitalize & Replant with Thom Rainer, Jonathan Howeand Mark Clifton. This podcast is a weekly discussion on church revitalization and replanting.  Rainer needs no introduction but Mark Clifton might need one.  Mark is the NAMB director of Church Replanting and is often referred to as the Godfather of Replanting.  Together, these men are able to discuss many different topics that relate to church replanting and health.  This is a great and practical podcast that is helpful for pastors in any situation.
4) EST. Is a podcast hosted by Micah Fries, Sam Rainer, and my friend, Josh King.  EST. is a weekly discussion for pastors in the established church about the challenges and issues that church leaders face.  This is a very practical resource from some great pastors that is given to pastors.  I highly recommend this one.
5) Preaching and Preachers. This is a podcast hosted by Dr. Jason Allen of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In it, Dr. Allen discusses various topics relating to pastoral ministry and preaching.  Many times, he will interview a practitioner or theologian relating to those topics.   
6) The Art of Manliness.  This podcast has absolutely nothing to do with ministry and that is exactly the point.  I think that it is also important for a pastor to listen to something that interests them and has nothing to do with ministry.  Sometimes, after a long day, especially on my drive home from hospital visits, I will turn this podcast on.  It talks about all sorts of topics. While some are more interesting than others, they all are able to give something new and thought provoking and I enjoy it very much.  Pastors, find something that is interesting to you that has nothing to do with ministry.  It will be a blessing to you.

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