My Favorite Podcasts: Lee Faler

January 30, 2019 • Lee Faler

As a pastor you will find that a lot of your time is spent driving. You drive to meetings, you drive to the hospital, you drive to various ministry functions, you drive your wife crazy. Okay…. maybe that last one doesn’t quite fit. You get my point. Pastors do a lot of driving. While you are driving, you can redeem that time by investing in your ministry by listening to various podcasts. Here are some that I recommend.

  1. Small church shepherds.   If you listen to this podcast there is no limit to the benefits you will receive. Your hair will be thicker, your waist line smaller, and your blood pressure will drop. Seriously. Why aren’t you subscribed yet?
  2. Craig Groeschel leadership podcast. This is a monthly podcast that focuses on various issues that leaders of all backgrounds face. Each podcast is usually less than 30 minutes, and contains useful information. I benefited greatly from a podcast he did on generating change in an organization, which we all know can be difficult in a small church setting. 
  3. Imago Dei Church. Dr. Tony Merida is an excellent example of faithful, Christ centered, systematic exposition. His sermons have greatly benefited me by modeling how to preach Christ and the grand narrative of the Bible from every passage. 
  4. Someone you don’t agree with. My personal conviction is that I should from time to time listen to someone that I don’t agree with. This usually means (name drop ahead) that I will listen to Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, or Steven Furtick. The truth is that many people in our churches love these people, and I can’t discuss the problems in their messages if I haven’t heard their messages. This is usually frustrating because I will undoubtedly hear many things that will make my blood boil, but it is beneficial in the long run.
  5. Student of the Gun. Find a podcast not related to ministry, and instead, centers around one of your other interests. For me, I’m very interested in firearms and training. Student of the Gun offers a 45 minute (roughly) podcast that centers around the second amendment, training, and the firearms industry. 

I hope this entry is beneficial for you, and helps you redeem your time behind the wheel.

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