My Favorite Podcasts: Jonathan Greer

I love listening to podcasts. I used to have about 2 hours a day commute, and I listened to 10-15 podcasts. Now that I’m living closer to my job and have maybe 45 minutes of commute a day I’ve had to trim down my podcast selection to what I really enjoy and find benefit from. So here are my 5 Favorite podcasts (other than Small Church Shepherds of course).

The Briefing with Albert Mohler

The Briefing is my absolute favorite podcast to listen to during the week. Albert Mohler is a paragon of Christian wisdom and discernment in our complex cultural and political landscape. “A daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview,” breaks down the top headlines from America and all over the world and helps Christians think critically about the implications they have for the lives of believers.

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends is a weekly podcast that is true to its name. Every week the host tells the story of different ancient myths, legends, and folktales from cultures all around the world. They are always captivating and informative as the host gives you the cliff notes version of many lesser known myths and legends. He has done great multi episode series on the Greek and Norse mythologies. He also ends each episode with a mythical creature of the week. I love fantasy and legends and great storytelling, and I enjoy all of this in myths and legends.

The Vergecast

I think everyone should listen to a podcast about their hobby. I am very interested in the tech world. Each week on the Vergecast the hosts discuss everything from the newest cell phone news to the ethics of privacy laws and the future of the internet. It’s always informative in a fun casual way. Whether its an episode about Apple’s newest product line reveal, or an episode on where the hosts bicker back and forth about net neutrality and whether a 5G network will actually roll out in 2019, if you are remotely interested in technology then this podcast is a must listen.

Hardcore History

Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is the absolute best history podcast you can find. The episodes are a few hours long and they are usually a couple months apart due to all the research Dan puts into each episode. But if you want a raw, honest look at history you can go no other place. Each series takes an in depth look at the entire timeline of a historical event or era, but it also takes the time to zoom in on first hand accounts and primary source material to see how individual lives were affected by the times they lived in. If you are a lover of history then I encourage you to check out Hardcore History.

The Ben Shapiro Show

The Ben Shapiro Show is my only real political podcast. Ben is extremely conservative and brilliant at countering the nonsense that comes out of our American political system. He is balanced in his reporting in that he will call out stupidity in immorality in our politicians no matter the party they identify with. So if you think you would enjoy a witty, extremely sarcastic reporting of the news and deconstruction of political arguments then give the Ben Shapiro Show a listen.

My encouragement is that you spend your listening time investing in things that will help you enjoy life and broaden your horizons. There are plenty of solid biblical or theology based podcasts that I subscribe to and will listen to when I have a long drive or run out of episodes on these top 5, but you can get burned our only listening to religious podcasts. Diversify and enjoy the time you have to listen. It can be a great destresser in a stress filled ministry.

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