5 Things I Don’t Want to See at the 2019 Southern Baptist Convention

May 24, 2019 • Adam Wyatt

Today is the second part of our three part series on the 2019 Southern Baptist Convention being held in June in Birmingham, Alabama. Once again, Adam Wyatt share what he hopes he doesn’t see at the convention this year.

In this second part, I want to look at a five things that I do not want to see at the Annual Meeting this year.

Political Drama

Last year, Vice President Pence came.  He spoke.  He shouldn’t have.  You can get upset at me if you want but I will not change my mind.  He was supposed to give us 10 minutes but gave us almost an hour.  This took precious time away from the business of the convention and, with the reschedule, took many people out of the Sending Service of our missionaries.  This cannot happen.  I am patriotic person but we must be about the Lord’s business here so I truly hope we can make it out of Birmingham without political drama.  That is probably hoping for too much but we will see.

Some idiot try to fire Russell Moore (again)

I get it.  Russell Moore is the one guy in the SBC who is hated by more people than anyone else.  He has the least desirable job in the Convention.  Some knuckle head is going to try to defund the ERLC or fire Russell Moore or accuse him of being a liberal, cultural-Marxist.  And that person will be wrong and he will look like an idiot.  Please sir.  Do not do it.  Save yourself the time and embarrassment.  

Covert Racism

I was there when James Merritt spoke so eloquently on the issue of the Confederate Flag a few years ago.  I was sitting a few rows behind him when he spoke.  For years, the SBC has been riddled with covert racism (and overt too).  We continue to see it play out in small and large ways.  I am tired of it.  I am sick of it.  And I do not want to see it.  I am sure that I will.  But, for our Convention’s sake, I hope that our minority brothers and sisters will continue to fight alongside us and serve alongside us as we continue to try to tear down walls and build up bridges for the Kingdom.

Shady politics

Last year, there was much drama centered around the presidential election.  I do not have the time to rehash it all but suffice it say that the Louisiana Baptist convention tried very hard to keep JD Greear from being elected.  How their people vote is of no concern to me but, when you take CP dollars to start a website to endorse a candidate, I think you are moving toward the political realm that we see in the world.  This should not be the case for the SBC.  

Beth Moore Drama

Really folks.  She is not trying to be the next president of the SBC.  I mean, I don’t think she is.  She isn’t is she?  I really do not know.  But we have to realize that over half of our convention is made up of women.  I do not believe that a woman should be a pastor.  That is the biblical witness.  However, women are in leadership in our local churches and in our Convention.  Deal with it.  Now, if we have churches with women pastors we will need to deal with them just like we would with liberal churches in our denomination.  But Beth Moore is become the poster child for people who want woman pastors in our Convention.  I do not know if this fair to her or not but I really do not want to see any more of this drama at the Convention.

While these are things that are close to my heart, I hope that our Annual Meeting goes well and we get much done for the sake of the Gospel and for the sake of the SBC.

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