Don’t Take Monday’s Off

June 20, 2019 • Lee Faler

It’s Monday and you’re a pastor. Sunday has beat you completely senseless. You feel like Rocky Balboa after the first fight with Clubber Lang. Mentally you’re drained. Physically you’re exhausted. Your emotions are on end, and your needle is on empty. You don’t want to go in to the office. You’re probably wondering, “What fresh hell is Satan going to throw at me today?”. The temptation will be to just make Monday your off day. Let me make a plea with you dear brother pastor…

Don’t take Mondays off.

Number one, you are exhausted. If you stay home, you will be tempted to stay in the chair and binge watch Netflix. The temptation will be to completely veg out and not do anything productive. Don’t do it. Instead use Monday for soul recovery. Go in to the office. Shut your door if you have to. Pray. Read the Word. Pray again. Repeat until your spiritual needle is no longer on empty. Pray and read yourself full, until you’re ready to go back to war. It’s okay if you don’t want to take meetings with people, but don’t waste the day eating potato chips and watching The Office. 

Number two, Sunday is coming. Use Monday to read and pray through the passage that you’ll preach on that week. Get a jump-start on Sunday by making a concentrated effort to break down the passage early in the week. This will help you stay disciplined in the pulpit, and make the best use of your time. 

Number three, Monday is rich with opportunity for ministry. Let’s be honest, Monday is usually the day that you will hear the most complaints from people, but don’t blind yourself to the reality that Monday can also present with opportunities to pray with and counsel with people who were touched by your message the previous days. They may want to set up time to talk to you during the week, and generally Monday is when they will call you. Your soul will need that encouragement. Don’t rob yourself of that. 

So what should I do instead of taking Monday off? Personally I recommend taking Friday off. You have two days typically in this scenario, Friday and Saturday to charge your batteries, invest in yourself and your family, and make final preparations for Sunday. You’ll be a better steward of your time, your family, and your ministry by taking Friday off, and I believe you will be a more effective pastor by doing so. 

What recommendations would you make for pastors and Mondays?

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