My Favorite Podcasts: Dennis Ellingburg

February 5, 2019 • Dennis Ellingburg

I’m a bivocational pastor. Like many of you, to pay the bills I have to do another job, and my other job is to drive a school bus. This affords me a great amount of time, especially when I’m waiting for kids to get on the bus, to listen to podcasts. Podcasts are amazingly useful tools that can help us grow in our faith and in our knowledge as pastors, and have helped me work through some incredibly important decisions. Below are some of my favorite podcasts that I go back to over and over.

  1. Small Church Shepherds.   What can I say? The host of this podcast carries this collection of ruffians as he navigates some of the greatest topics that face the church with poise and intelligence. Jk. We’re pretty proud of this podcast and how God is using it in the life of the church! Give it a listen on Apple iTunes or Spotify. You can go to the podcast page and get us each week.
  2. Solid Joys by John Piper. Every day I listen to this as I begin my day as a soul filling devotional. John Piper in his characteristic sensitivity and acumen gives a passionate exposition on a portion of scripture that truly does lead solidly to joy.
  3. The Sword and the Trowel. I have really enjoyed this podcast as Tom and Jared discuss some of the hot button issues facing the church. Dealing with issues such as social justice, abortion, human sexuality, etc. these men give valuable insights in to how to think through these issues in a way that is faithful and biblical.
  4. American History Tellers. This series by Wondery (and I cannot recommend Wondery shows enough) is a look at American history from a perspective that while I don’t always agree with, is helpful and eye opening. Their first season explores the Cold War and how we found ourselves in the mess and it’s effects on a wide range of issues from military proliferation to the Civil Rights movement. I can’t recommend it enough.
  5. The Andrew Klavan Show. I love this show. Klavan, a New York Times best-selling author whose movies have been portrayed on the big screen (the haunting Don’t Say A Word and Clint Eastwood’s True Crime). Klavan is a former liberal now conservative commentator who gives great and often humorous takes on the issues of the day. Klavan is a professing Christian, and sights his conversion as the impetuous behind his “conversion” to conservatism. Despite this his takes on religion are often lacking in theological depth and understanding and seem to be more in keeping with his philosophical convictions than biblical ones. This makes his take on Christianity grating at times, but if you take him as a source of political satire and information and not as a theologian his podcast is really enjoyable.

The point is this, don’t let any of your time, even your drive time, be for naught. Redeem the times brothers!

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