So What’s the Plan? Planning for the New Year

December 28, 2018 • Adam Wyatt

Christmas is over, budgets are approaching, the new year is upon you. If you are a pastor, or in the ministry, you probably get caught up around this time of year making plans for the new year.   Planning is an important part of pastoral ministry especially if you want to get people to come alongside you in the ministry of the local church.  

While each individual church is unique and there is no strategy that is a sure fire way to make plans, I believe that there are some solid principles that pastors need to take into consideration as they look toward the coming year.

Celebrate the Wins

First, pastors need to celebrate the wins.  Too often, pastors can look at where they want the church to go while missing out on where the church has been.  Do not make the mistake of focusing on the coming year without celebrating what God has done in the past one.  If you want to get people on board for the coming year, make sure that you celebrate all that God has done.  Pastoral ministry is a marathon and not a sprint.  With this in mind, make sure you let people know that everything that they do is worth it.  Point out what God has already done before you start challenging people to do more in the future.

Pray First

Second, remember that plans are important but not without praying.  I am one who loves to map out things and use spreadsheets and calendars and all sort of things.  I generally think that if you give me enough time, I can make ironclad plans.  Because of this, I forget to pray about the plans.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Pray while you plan.

Just Do It

Third, remember that praying is important but don’t forget to put some feet to your prayers.  Sometimes we pray a lot about our plans.  This is noble.  However, many of us simple pray without actually doing anything about our plans.  Do not use a season of prayer as an excuse for inactivity.  We must prayerfully make our plans but we must also execute the plans that we have prayed about.

Look forward to the new year.  God loves his church and wants to bless it because they are in a community that needs the Gospel.  Pray.  Plan.  Execute the plans that you have prayed about.

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